Amidst all the trials and triumphs in life, the noise and the heartache, everyone needs a quiet place; a happy place. A place to reflect on what has taken place so far, to remind them of their roots and where they feel wholly accepted for who they are. To some, it may literally be a destination that brings them that peace of mind. To others, it may come in the form of people or some kind of recreational activity. To me, it comes in the form of my friends.

Friendship is not a one way street, you have to give in order to get. It is one of the most important bonds we, as humans, will ever make with the exception of our family. Friendship to me is a pleasant epiphany. What could be sweeter than coming across your intellectual-doppelganger or your polar opposite and on instinct, forming an unbreakable bond with them?

I, myself, have been blessed with the very best of friends and cannot be more thankful. For a girl whose early adolescent school life was quite a lonesome one, the friends I cherish today were my saviors and I am ever grateful. Meeting them was a choice I never meticulously planned out, neither was it something I ever thought would happen. I call it fate, because seven years later – we are still going strong, with the passionate belief in infinity, and faith in the power of three. Life often intervenes and places impossible obstacles before us – but in the midst of all those harsh extremities, the connection we share is firm and steadfast.

Although time and distance are two stumbling blocks that will truly test this friendship, I am certain that we will live to tell our tale. When you know a friendship is true, there is nothing that you cannot share. You are accepted for whoever you are and you are loved. In their eyes, you are perfect. And although you may not say it much, in your eyes there will never be anyone like them. Friendship is a bond that stands the test of time, and if it is true – IT WILL LAST.

If the bond you share with your friends is sincere and genuine, there is that unambiguous sense of certainty and an inimitable ray of hope. For a friendship to succeed, you need to lay yourself out, with no restraints. You found a home within each other simply because you felt safe, and because you felt there was nothing to hide.

Friends are the family you get to choose, so be wise. There are times when loyalty will be tested, and when the green-eyed monster wreaks havoc. A word of warning, do not give in to impulsive thoughts and words that could scar both you and your friends forever. Have faith in the fact that every cloud has a silver lining, and if the friendship is meant to be – it will be.

One day, you will have rare moments of absolute yet comfortable silence between you and feel like it was the most intimate conversation you ever had. The deep understanding you share will remind you that no matter how long it takes, regardless of the sadness, and the monotony, genuine friends will always be there when you finally decide to look back, if ever you strayed.

Friends know the reason for your silence, and will be strong for you when you cannot do it on your own. They will show you the path to peace when you are waging a war with yourself, and will help you realize your mistakes. They will notice the slightest change in your voice, and help you conquer your inner demons. Place your heart in their hands, for they are your keepers.

To the one who functions as my human diary; the first and last person I talk to every day, the ‘bringer of rainbows and sunshine to my occasional cloudy days’, I could not be more thankful. You are the exact amount of sense I need, and you are one in a million.

To the one who is my pillar of strength ; the one who never fails to make me laugh no matter what situation we’re in, the one who I’m most comfortable with, and the only one with whom I’d watch a horror movie and jump on a million bouncers with, I am eternally grateful. You showed me what real friendship is all about. No matter where we are, I know I can always count on you.

To the one who can be so quiet, but whose eyes speak volumes; there is no one more understanding than you. You find happiness in my happiness, and you have the biggest heart. Thank you for entering my life, and for showing me the true meaning of kindness.

Last but not least, to the girl who brings the fun and energy to our friendship; the one with whom I have a new beginning, thank you for being you. There is no one better than anyone but you. We have a long way to go, and I am so glad that we were brought together on this rollercoaster journey.

Just like my life would have been incomplete without the four very special people I’ve mentioned above, I’m sure you feel the same way. Treasure the ones who see the truth and pain in your eyes even when you are fooling the rest of the world. Cherish them unequivocally, because when you find someone with a reassuring presence and an open heart, never let them go.