You wake up with one thought in mind; the latest episode of your favorite TV show. You find the time to watch it uninterrupted and pray to the internet gods to please have mercy. However, while waiting for the page to load, whether you are watching the episode online or downloading it, you make the mistake of checking Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking or media site.

Then you regret your decision to stray from the TV show. You are bombarded with spoilers and now you know all the important scenes of the episode without having even watched it. And were these people good enough to give a warning about the spoilers? Oh no, because why bother?

When watching a film or TV show, it is tempting to post about it. You need to tell someone about your reactions, feelings and opinions, and who is a better listener than the online community?
However, you need to also remember that there are people who haven’t watched the film or TV show yet. And also that opinions are subjective so what you may find awful may not be awful to another. Further. What you may think isn’t a spoiler may be a spoiler to another.

Thus be considerate when posting about films and TV shows. Ask yourself if you want to know that bit of information before watching the show. If the answer is no, then it’s likely your friends don’t want to either. And if it’s yes, still be considerate of those who want to watch the episode without knowing anything about the show.

One of the most important elements when watching a film or TV show or reading a book is not knowing what to expect. Would you watch a show that has the same plot as another show? When reading a book, if you find that the plot is a carbon copy of the plot of a different book, would you still read it?

Not knowing what’s in store for you makes the experience of watching a film or TV show so much better. This isn’t to say that rewatching isn’t as enjoyable, but you already know what happens. Thus it’s not fair to spoil this experience for someone else. And if you must post spoilers online why not start the post with a simple spoiler alert?

This also applies in conversations. When talking about a film or TV show, always ask the people in the conversation if they have watched the film or latest episode. If you want to share an interesting scene in the film or TV show, first ask your friends if they don’t mind.

There are many films and TV shows to watch. There are many things to discuss about them. But always remember, no