The Mount Lavinia Beach Association is to write to President Maithripala Sirisena to look into the problems they have been facing owing to sea erosion along the coast. The stretch of beach, which spans one mile, is a designated tourist area and is now under threat, according to the association.

The association, which consists of 27 restaurants along the coast of Mount Lavinia state that their businesses have been affected owing to continuous soil erosion and have called upon the authorities to look into the issue.

However, association pointed out that the extent of the damages and losses faced by the coastal restaurants due to the problem is yet to be estimated.

A spokesperson for the association stated that though it was believed that the situation had been aggravated due to the construction of the Port City. However, the spokesperson added that the reason needed to be probed and proved. “That is why we are going to write to the President for his intervention,” the spokesperson said.

Several houses along the coast of Dehiwela, Mount Lavinia and Ratmalana were reported to have been affected due to soil erosion recently and authorities were yet to ascertain the reasons behind such a situation.