Ceylon Theatres will be putting to use a cleaning machine for 3D glasses from June 23. This will ensure the 3D glasses are washed, dried and packed properly so they are up to hygienic standard, Colombo Municipal Council Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ruwan Wijayamuni said.

He added that EAP Theatres will be also using a similar machine although the inaugural date is yet to be confirmed.

The cleaning machine will kill bacteria and the glasses will be then packed individually. The currently adopted process in cinemas is to collect the used glasses in a large box and distribute it to the next set of patrons without cleaning the glasses at all. Some cinemas offer patrons a paper serviette to wipe the glasses. However, this could cause eye infections and spread germs and Dr. Wijayamuni explained that 3D glasses need to be of a high standard.

The Nation has been closely following the cleaning of 3D glasses in cinemas and has extensively covered the health risks posed by using glasses that haven’t been cleaned.