Whenever a sporting activity is held in a city that place development takes place rapidly, especially in the facilities for sports so that there will be improvement in the activities. These improvements will generally produce athletes of national level who has the potential to represent the country in the near future.

The Olympic Day run will be celebrated in Mannar this year on 23rd June with a four kilometer run from the UC ground with about 1200 school children in participation.

The National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Sri Lanka has also planned to conduct a few other events such as a basketball and badminton training, art competition, and a bicycle parade.
The events will begin on June 22nd with the training skills in basketball and badminton for the school athletes of the area.
The NOC will also conduct a tour to religious places of worship such as the Madu church, Muslim masjid, Hindu and Buddhist temples before the celebrations begin in Mannar.

Government Agent of Mannar, Deshapriya said that Mannar is populated with mostly Tamils and Muslim and very little Sinhalese people. Selecting Mannar is an invaluable experience for the people there. Not many people visit Mannar and this is a good opportunity for people from other parts of the country to visit Mannar and celebrate such a mega event. Such a thing has not happened before in Mannar.