Early in the morning, it was nothing but amma’s yell.
“Look at your hair…mounded like a rock top of the head. Is this a hairstyle? Behave like a real teacher than doing nonsense.”
“No, amma, this is the newest trend in vogue. Today my hair quiff looks perfect. So don’t try to meddle with that. One single touch and it may all collapse.”

“I don’t know what quiff you are talking about. But as your mom I should tell you that your hairstyle looks ridiculous and your face looks years older than you are. If one child pokes her pencil in to your so-called quiff it will make your entire hair style an utter disaster. Don’t forget that amma warned you beforehand,” said she and left the room furiously.

I don’t know when she will learn about these new trends! But in a way what she told was correct. In fact I can’t expect my kids not doing such mischief. So I removed my ‘hairstyle in vogue’ and left to school in usual manner.

I was correcting books. Some of the kids gathered around my table and had a nice chitchat.

“Teacher, my uncle came from Canada this weekend for his wedding. I’m the flower girl,” said Ranudhi.

“Really? So nice to hear. So when is the wedding?” I asked.
“Week after next. But from next week onwards I will be absent and after their homecoming only I will be coming back to school. Don’t you know teacher, I need to get prepared for the grand wedding”

“What?  For two weeks, what are you going to do? Are you the bride in the wedding or the flower girl? Here Ranudhi, don’t try play with me. I’m not tolerating you each and every time”
“Oh. Teacher, don’t get angry. I said I would like to stay at home if I get the permission from you, but I know my parents won’t let me stay at home for two weeks, sadly. I would have to come to school anyway.”

Came back home early. Since my fiancé’s parents and his old aunt will be visiting us tonight, needed to prepare some cup cakes to exhibit my skills. His aunt is bit fussy and grumpy. Stupid Piyaseeli has prepared a tea especially for her by mistake; whoever drinks would get a sugar coma and this hit the hazard button. I saw she was grinding her teeth from the toothless mouth and frowning at Piyaseeli. Poor aunt would not only lose her teeth, but also her nerves, if she happens to drink Piyaseeli’s sugary zap daily.

My friend Jenny, our speech teacher, is going to break up with her boy friend. He has brought her a DVD of Yanni’s live concert for her birthday though she expected a gold ring. I heard she is teaching kids
“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.”