The Barnesbury at Barnes Place, Colombo has today become a household name as the venue to meet up for that casual chat, a formal meal, that special celebration or a chilling moment! With easy access and ample parking, your dining experience begins on the right note! Launched in February 2013, the restaurant is open for breakfast with a special menu on offer, an amazing range of brewed coffees, green tea or flavored teas, lunch, snacks and dinner.

While the interior has essentially a western feel to it with urban modern British furniture accents, the unique garden space is an absolute bonus that is found nowhere else in the city!
With Iftar just a few days away, Executive Chef Manjula Dharmasiri has put together a wonderful set menu to break your fast with! Armed with his experience in Dubai since many years, he brings succulent kebabs, delicious Kanji, other savory treats and a choice of mouthwatering desserts to the table! Tired by the end of the day, as expected, spaces are many and you can choose where you would like to break your fast here at Barnesbury. Relax in the beautiful landscaped garden in comfortable seating, or for those who prefer to beat the heat, you could enjoy the enclosed air-conditioned and luxuriously furnished dining areas.

Freshly prepared, keeping quality primarily in mind, what you can expect is a taste like no other. What you get here is not commercially prepared either, but in wholesome quantities and absolutely fresh from daily purchased produce.

This Iftar, Chef Dharmasiri has created three set menus for your indulgence! All three menus ranging from Rs.2000 to Rs.2195 plus taxes per head will have dates, beef or chicken rice kanji, a choice of a fresh fruit juice, a chicken or beef samosa, a mixed salad and a main.

Each menu will have salads in different preparations like mixed greens, chicken salad in mayo, Lyonnais potato, or a Fattoush salad which is an Arabic salad, colorful to the eye and tossed in a lemony garlic dressing. The mains are Lebanese or Egyptian style kebabs and breaded chicken breast. Each menu ends with an exotic dessert like a fresh fruit salad served with ice cream, a banana split or a chocolate brownie with ice cream!

A prayer room is available to say your salah, after which you can continue with the indulgence! A Shisha zone in the courtyard – a trendy pursuit among young adults today has also been given pride of place in the garden. The Shisha comes in different flavors for shisha enthusiasts! Keep in mind though that smoking is harmful to your health!

Catering for Iftar functions be it indoor or outdoor is on the cards and or, for private smaller gatherings can be arranged.
For takeaway orders, prior notice must be given.

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