On January 8th we voted for you and nobody else expecting that you will stop bribery and corruption, drug smuggling, political interference in the government services and in short bring about good governance now called as Yahapalanaya – a meaningful term.

I was never happy with the one-hundred-day limit because there was too much to do within too short a time. I would have preferred six month limits. Now you find it difficult to chew what has been bitten off and as a result some insist that your government has no right to govern after the one-hundred-day limit. Are you not getting the blame for others’ mistakes?

You are unobtrusive unlike your predecessor. Others are taking advantage of it. I am rather worried that everything is not hunky-dory with the present government. Someone is trying to act above you.

At a panel discussion a well-respected senior journalist who was with you all the time said that he was clueless as to what was happening and did not know whether the government was going or coming. He sounded badly disappointed like me. As such a course correction is an urgent need.

You cannot also ignore the uncanny noises made by MR. You have to be wide awake and take note of what he is doing and what the people who voted for you with great expectations have to say.

As things are an election under new laws and with the same number of MPs (225) and no more is called for. I am sure there are no people around you singing hosannas for you to put you on the wrong track.
Wishing you the best of luck!
S Abeywicrama