The idea that one needs to be fair to be considered beautiful is as out dated as the Victorian cancan and men in tights. However, judging by the number of skin lightening advertisements telling us we need to be ‘fair’ to be popular, we need to be ‘fair’ to get noticed, get a job or even get a husband; it is no wonder that Sri Lankan women and men alike are caving into the social pressure of getting ‘fairer’.

The Sothys  Estheti Center, however, is setting a refreshing new trend. We spoke to Soraya De Zoysa to tell us more. “At the Sothys Estheti Center, we are celebrating healthy skin! As a nation we are blessed with skin types that are resistant to premature aging and sun damage, thanks to its genetic disposition. Mocha skin tones have always been coveted in the west. Yet In my 16 years experience in the beauty industry, I have seen many people resort to harmful practices to achieve a lighter skin tone.” Soraya went on to say that it’s important for all women and men to take care of their skin at any age. Having a clear healthy complexion is definitely an advantage weather you’re applying for a job, getting married or even just for your own self confidence. However, a beautiful complexion can be achieved irrespective of your skin color.

“I have always believed that if you are kind to your skin, it will be kind to you,” says Soraya. There are many products in the market that may lighten ones skin temporarily but at what cost? Most skin lightening products and treatments may cause hyper (dark marks) or hypo (white marks) pigmentation, acne or hyper sensitivity and premature aging.  Sri Lankans fall into a skin type IV or V which are particularly sensitive to lightening and bleaching ingredients. Most lightening ingredients will also make the skin sensitive to sun light causing it to get much darker the moment it is exposed to UV radiation. Living in a county like Sri Lanka it is almost impossible to avoid the sun and many people are not given the correct after care that is required following a skin lightening procedure.
“I am proud to say that Sothys as a brand has never compromised on safety and integrity. It caters to all skin conditions such as pigmentation, acne, ageing skin, sensitive skin effectively keeping in mind the long term health of the skin”

Let us strive for a brighter complexion, a clearer complexion a more youthful skin, but changing ones skin color is not a realistic goal. Remember that the melanin pigment that gives our skin its color also keeps our skin looking more youthful, protects our skin from sun damage and free radicals.

The Bronzed and Beautiful Campaign launch recently by the Sothys Esthethi Center has been fortunate to receive the support of six glamorous and successful ladies as its ambassadors.  Ramani Fernando, Yohshana John Pillai, Anushi Jayawardena, Ramona Dharmaratne, Shayani Miranda and Nidhuki Perera will be sporting the hottest trend this season’Healthy skin’ Follow them on FB Sothys Estheti Center for updates on how to achieve a healthy skin, make up tips for Sri Lankan skin tones and their personal stories.
“As a society, we need to start embracing our Sri Lankan identity and individuality,” says Soraya. “Let us not leave room for baseless insecurities driven by commercial gain to set its mark on the next generation as well. We are a ‘Bronzed and Beautifu’ nation; let us be proud of it!”