Human rights activists, Ashan Perera was invited by Youth for Human Rights Taiwan to deliver a series of ‘Human Rights and Values’ workshops. The purpose of his visit was to educate 5,000+ students in 23 universities and high schools across the board around the country.

After representing Sri Lanka at the third Youth for Human Rights Asia Summit, his sole objective was to reach out to these selected educational institutions and maximize on this opportunity extended to him during this 20-day period.

Following the success of this undertaking, Ashan is optimistic that these youth groups he had the privilege of speaking to, walked away with a greater understanding of what ‘Human Rights and Values’ stood for. They endorsed the fact that the information that was imparted had vital details they had been oblivious to up until that point.

These workshops opened young minds to many avenues of interest they had been ignorant of, which helped to create better awareness in order to understand the bigger picture. This feedback proved yet again that Ashan’s motive to promote change was a success!

He also had the privilege of visiting iconic attractions in Taiwan and to network with young people of importance within their social circles and shared many issues of mutual interest.

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