Alston Koch interviewed by Actors Reporter and on the Red Carpet

Sri Lankan born Alston Koch was a special presenter amongst the ‘glitterati’ and ‘paparazzi’ in Hollywood for the announcement of the nominations for The Family Film Awards held at the Hilton Hotel in Universal City on  June 6.

The legendary award winning Asian and Australian singer-songwriter, actor and now an executive film producer carried the good wishes of the Asian and Australian community to the event and mentioned that the World at a time of problems and despair need more films dedicated to the Family with movies that carry a message of unity, love and peace.

Alston Koch interviewed by Actors Reporter
Alston Koch interviewed by Actors Reporter

Alston Koch suddenly broke into song without any accompaniment to thunderous applause with the lyrics of the famous ‘ground breaking’ song that won both Grammy and Academy awards for Bette Midler titled ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ before he introduced Jeff Silbar the writer of the award winning song who performed ‘What If’ specially written for the occasion.

Rebecca Holden star of ‘Night Rider’ sang the National Anthem of America and Joel Diamond producer of many Grammy Nominations and more than 50 Billboard chart hits was also a presenter at this much publicised event.

The spectacular awards which will include the first Ever ‘olympia Awards’ and organised by the World Film Institute will be held on August 22 in Hollywood.

It will feature awards for all sectors of the Arts (The 7 Arts of Importance) which will include film, theatre, literature, sculpture, art & paintings, music and dance.

The announcements of nominations held in Hollywood were well represented by dignitaries and stars from all over the world and were well attended by actors, actresses and film industry personnel.

The Family Film Awards was originally presented by the late Dick Clark almost 20 years ago and its founder is Dr. Antonio Gellini. The President is Alan Jay Freedman well known for his award winning ‘Kennedy’ documentaries in America.
The Sri Lankan Anchorman. Toronto, Canada