Born in Ambewela, a remote village at the foothills of Pattipola
In historic Uva Province in Udarata
To traditional Kandyan parents
On fifteenth June, nineteen thousand fifteen

We know very little of your early years
Except that there were hardships and difficulties
And that you walked miles to get to the school
To learn the Sinhala alphabet

Little did your parents realize
That those early lessons in the village school
Would imbibe a life-long love and a passion
Of our language, Sinhala

You rose to the pinnacle of your career
With little outside help or support
But with inner strength, intelligence and courage
All of which you had in abundance

Determination, grit and hard work
Were the ingredients that shaped your life
These same values were instilled in us, your daughters
For which we are eternally grateful

As children, we have fond memories
Of you sitting at your desk, reading and writing
From dawn to dusk; come rain or sun
To get the articles written; the books published.

As we grew older; we realize, those hours at the desk
Led to monumental works; your gifts to the nation
From the history of Sinhala literature to
Culinary delights of royal households of yesteryear

Dear Appachchi, on this your hundredth birthday
We wish you were still with us; to tell you
How much we owe you; how much we think of you
And hope that, in our own little ways we have done you proud.

Remembered with love and gratitude by daughters:

Nerupamal Samarasinghe,
Mahesika Assalaarachchi,
Manouri Senaratne,
Kshanika Hirimburegama, and
Thushani Wickremaratne