Holding a general election without establishing independent commissions, specially elections, police and public service, would lead to another corrupt and violent election, Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) said in statement.

“A group of MPs, who are infamous for conducting corrupt and violent election campaigns, are attempting to thwart the attempts made by 19A to establish independent commissions. This is the reason why they prevented the appointment of three civil members to the Constitutional Council. Another group is attempting to push for a general election before independent commissions are appointed. A number of people, those in parliament and those who want to be elected, want an environment where they can violate election laws without fear. Such an environment will not occur if the independent commissions are established.”

CaFFE observed that in previous recent elections those in power were able to violate election laws, misuse public property and bribe people because there were no mechanisms to control their actions. That is why a number of stakeholders who want free and fair elections backed the 19A and its proposals to establish independent commissions.

The only people who want an election before establishing independent commissions are those who want to win by violating election laws and by using force. This will also allow those in power to attack their opponents, destroy election offices of the opposition and misused public property, the statement further claimed.

“CaFFE believes that the people of this country want the establishment of Constitutional Council and independent commissions, including EC PC before the coming election and prevent any opportunity to manipulate policemen and public officers,” it added.