Pakistani youth belonging to the Hazara Shiite Muslim community mourn the death of a relative after gunmen stormed two tea shops in Quetta. Gunmen killed five people after storming two tea shops belonging to the Hazara Shiite Muslim community in Pakistan’s southwestern city of Quetta, police said

Youth around the world (4)An Indian youth prepares to leap into the water at the seafront on a hot afternoon in Mumbai

Youth around the world (2)Pope Francis arrives for a meeting with the youth at the Diocesan Youth Center ‘John Paul II’ as part of a one day visit in Bosnia, in Sarajevo. Pope Francis arrived in Sarajevo for a visit aimed at bolstering reconciliation between war-scarred Bosnia’s Serb, Croat and Muslim communities. The trip comes 20 years after the end of a 1992-95 conflict that ripped the Balkan state apart and left it permanently divided along ethnic lines

Youth around the world (1)France’s players hold their trophy after winning the Under 21 international football final match against Morocco, at the Mayol Stadium in Toulon, southern France as part of the ‘World Youth Festival Toulon’