For the past year or so reports on the performances of Serena Williams routinely referred to how close she was to the record of 22 Grand Slam titles held by Steffi Graf.

After Serena’s win at the French Open last weekend for a 20th Grand Slam, Graf was quoted as saying that records don’t bother her and she is unconcerned whether Williams overtakes her record or not.

The reporters never mention, (neither does Graf), the fact that Graf’s winning streaks occurred after Monica Seles was stabbed between her shoulder blades with a boning knife at a match in Hamburg. The attacker was said to be a German fan of Steffi Graf.
Up to that assault, in the four Grand Slam finals they had contested, Seles had defeated Graf in three.

The records set by Monica Seles include the following:
She is the only player to have won 8 Grand Slam singles titles while yet a teenager.

She won all of her first six Grand Slam singles matches [including 3 French Open, 2 Australian Open and the US Open]
Had she not been so badly injured by the stabbing, how many Grand Slam titles would Steffi Graf have won?

Incidentally, her admirer was not punished by the German courts, and Seles has never played in that country again.

Gamini Seneviratne