Mervyn Silva

The level of politics
“I do not earn that much from politics. Only 5,000 rupees monthly,” a friend of mine told me. He is working on contracts for poster campaigns around Colombo on behalf of a certain politician. From his statement I realized, however, that no one knows more about politics than he. What he earns from politics may be (relatively) low, of course. Still.

From Borges
At the worst the hypocrite who pretends to be good does less harm than the open sinner.

BBS and Arjuna M
The Bodu Bala Sena cannot go to temples that Mahinda visits. As the BBS has nowhere to go, it has decided to go the Central Bank. And as no one is coming to meet Arjuna, he has welcomed it.

Maithri wants 20. Ranil wants 225. Susil wants more than 125.

Origin exploration
The US doesn’t just explore for oil. It explores for crude oil as well. But it seems that the Sri Lankan government or Minister Champika is more concerned about oil exploration in the Mannar basin than it/he is about exploration of crude oil.

Thicker than blood
Money is thicker than blood. So, Sirasa has united with China to save Port City. Now we know India isn’t too happy about that, don’t we?

If Mervyn was there…
Mervyn has told that the hermit Siddhartha wouldn’t be able to engage in dushkarakriya if there were journalists, as they would definitely go there to record it. But if Mervyn were there, he’d definitely take a plate of rice and feed that hermit. With or without journalists. Or cameras.

No confidence
The President has no confidence in glyphosate. 112 MPs have no confidence in Ranil. Mervyn has no confidence in Ranil. Gota has no confidence in FCID. Vasu has no confidence in pumpkin but has confidence in labu.

A name cannot change a man but…
A name cannot change a man. But a man can change a name. Mahinda was a common name until he became Former President. Sarath also was a common name (the former CJ, that is). But when it comes to Sarath Fonseka “Sarath” is no more common. That is why names cannot change men but men can change names.

Gota’s care
Colombo is experiencing the absence of the Gota’s care.

Wimal’s paradox
Wimal is both happy and sad now. That is because Mahinda is a better orator than Wimal.

Gamini Viyan’s paradox
Gamini, participating in a TV program, said that those who seek gods for worldly achievement are irrational and unintelligent. Then his hero Ranil should be irrational and unintelligent as he too seeks the support of local and even South Indian gods. Gamini can be rational as he has not much to do other than writing and talking. But Ranil has much more to do. Therefore, Ranil needs the help of gods. Even though Gamini Viyan does not.

Deepthi’s God
It seems that although Deepthi does not believe in gods he believes in Professor Nalin. This refers to the above TV program.

Upul has no god other than himself. For his pupils he is a god the same way Sai Baba is to his followers. I congratulate Upul for this. (This too refers to above TV program.)
Deepthi was a god, but now has become more humble. He looks more human than divine.

Too early to say
The fight against glyphosate may be more challenging than the fight against the LTTE. That is why Mahinda kept himself away from it when he was leader. Now Maithri has started that fight, though it’s difficult to say who’s the true(r) hero?