Faleel Keyath

Although the game of cricket has advanced by leaps and bounds and made cricketers as well as match referees and umpires rich to lead a comfortable life, there is one segment of the game which has not benefitted to any degree – the scorer who plays a prominent part in liaison with the match officials.

Cricket scoring is a painless and thankless task and one that needs commitment and a love for figures. In this aspect one individual who falls into that category is Faleel Keyath, a renowned scorer for nearly 35 years.

Keyath with his neat figures was scorer for Moors SC for 13 years since 1958 and for Bloomfield for 20 years before failing eyesight forced him to gradually quit the profession he dearly loved in 2001. He has been a scorer with Sri Lanka Cricket for international matches and was a regular scorer for Mercantile CA as well. He has also donned the white coat when the late Camillus Perera was secretary of the Sri Lanka Cricket Umpires Association.

In 2005 he underwent surgery to his flailing eyes and since then he has been unable to work and has been dependent solely on the meager salary that his wife earns doing a minor housekeeping job at a cleaning company.

Recently Keyath suffered a fall at the General Hospital where he had gone to get some treatment and broken his right leg. He was admitted to the hospital where he underwent surgery to his right thigh that was broken by the fall. He is also partially paralysed and unable to use his right hand. Following the operation Keyath is recuperating and is now confined to a bed unable to move about. He is also a diabetic patient.

Keyath, 80 and his wife Jezima live in a small wooden house at Kolonnawa for a monthly rent of Rs. 3000. As they have no children Keyath has only his wife to look after him. It is with great difficulty with her small salary that she is bearing all his medical expenses as well as their daily provisions and paying the rent. According to his wife the expenses comes to around Rs. 6000 per month.

Keyath appeals to all cricket lovers to help him financially in this hour of need at least to cover his monthly medical expenses and house rent.

Keyath resides at 111/8, Nagahamulla, Kolonnawa (Dieselwatte) and can be contacted on 0721020736.