Maggi noodles have always been a hot favorite with school and college students and Nestle’s “two-minute” ad campaign made it a household name in India. But today Maggi is in a soup as unsafe levels of lead was found in samples. It was banned in Delhi on Wednesday.

Maggi has been ordered off the shelves due to high content of lead. But it’s not the first time that a popular food company has faced flak for being unfit for consumption. A look at other brands that have come under the scanner.

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From a dead mouse in Happy Meal to human tooth in cold coffee…McDonald’s has seen it all. Reports of expired meat being repackaged in China, presence of plastic in chicken nuggets in Japan and the beef flavouring in fries have raised doubts among the fans.
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The ‘finger licking good’ Rizo rice were found to have artificial colouring by FSSAI in Delhi in 2014. KFC denied the charges. More recently the mutant chicken rumours claimed that the company uses mutant chicken with extra limbs. KFC again denied the charges.
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Cadbury’s Dairy Milk courted controversy in 2003, when worms were found in the chocolate in Maharashtra. Cadbury tried damage control and hired Amitabh Bachchan as brand ambassador, but the sweetness had been soured for chocolate lovers!
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Coca-Cola lost its fizz when in 2003 the Centre for Science and Environment alleged that both Coke and Pepsi contained high levels of pesticides. The controversy resurfaced in 2006 in Kerala where it was briefly banned. (Source: Bloomberg)