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It’s something which everyone has experienced in life. From childhood through youth and into adulthood, we have nightmares. For some, nightmares are a once-in-a- blue-moon occurrence. And for others, it’s an everyday experience.

Nightmares are linked to the person’s past or something which he/she is most scared of. So, it could be a ghost, accident, snake, thieves or natural disasters. But it’s something unique, and the person who dreams feels scared, even if another doesn’t because everyone has different levels of fear.

Dreams are not in our hands to control. It doesn’t matter how much we are scared of snakes or another thing, we see it in dreams in a worse way, because our mind knows it’s disgusting to see. That’s called a nightmare.

Sometimes we feel we are the only one seeing such dreams.  But it’s not true.  Everyone dreams every day. But most people forget them when they wake up the next day.

It’s the way of dreams.  Nevertheless nightmares are the dreams we hardly forget.

When we were kids, we got scared of something easily and the experience was very difficult to forget.  And we saw them in dreams too and we get more scared of it again.

The ghost is the most common scary nightmare. And it’s the one which makes us sleepless for days and even months.  When we watch horror movies or read about them in books we get nightmares.

However, it takes time to heal the frightened wound. Because it’s not something we hear or see, but feelings.

Also there is a future forces nightmare. Those are not dreamed by everyone. It’s very rare, those kinds of nightmares. In novels and movies they show such creatures and we feel they are fiction and not reality, but there are people who see all kinds of dreams.
Dreams are meaningful when we think deeply.  Because when we sleep our body only sleeps, not the mind. We may see new places yet in dreams we call it home.  It happens with places, things and sometimes the people are also new faces yet we feel we are connected to them.

Specially, when it comes to nightmares we see something related to us. From ourselves to our family members or friends, which makes us feel more scared when seeing them.

However, we have to be strong and think positively as it’s just a nightmare, because who knows what will happen if those nightmare are real?

So, we don’t have to worry thinking too much about a nightmare.  After all it’s just a nightmare.