The early man had simple thinking ability. But as man enhanced his knowledge gradually, many discoveries and inventions happened along with the advancement of technology.

As a result, the methods of exchanging ideas between people and the methods of interacting, information and communication technology gradually developed. At present, it can be witnessed that the society is already treading into a digital era.
The information and communication technology has already influenced the striking transformations in almost all the fields in the society now. In early times the education was limited only to the printed media like the papers, books etc. But the education today has been dragged into a huge transformation.

Modern generation gets the education completely different from the education in the past, where the older generation had scarcely any resources. In early times the student got the education by visiting the teacher. But now the student and the teacher are completely in two different locations. Now children have the opportunity to learn through distant learning and e-learning concept.

In addition, Computer Based teaching (CBT), Web Based Teaching (WBT), Computed Assistant Learning (CAL) also facilitate the students by providing information known and unknown with further details. The use of tools like multimedia projectors, tablets and also internet have made the education easier to acquire today.

Children don’t need to spend a lot of time to searching for information like in the past. But they can browse data within seconds as they wish along with further clarifications, graphics, and graphs as well.

One can sit for examinations too online. Children can also get their education while staying at home. Today students can browse information via internet through lots of resources like e-books or e-papers.
So, technology has made everything easier and quicker. But it is questionable whether the modern generation is actually acquiring the maximum use of technology in their education matters.
Unlimited use of technology is also a worse impact in the present society.

As children You should use the technology for the betterment of your education. You should not let technology make you lethargic and lazy just because you are provided with a vast range of information at a single click.

In addition, most of the children have been addicted to use the computer, to play games and to access Facebook and other social web sites and in vain they waste their time in front of these technological devices. Dear children try to use the technology with limits and get the maximum use of technology in your studies. Don’t let the technology control your lives.