June 8
Amazingly Malithi, Ms Weeping Willow has forgotten to cry today.
“Oh why don’t you cry today, Malithi? It makes me sad to be honest,” I asked to see if even then she would cry.
“No Teacher, we are going to see my grandma in Galle tomorrow.”
“Oh that’s nice to hear.”
“Yes Teacher, it’s nice for you to hear but not for my father,” she said sarcastically
“Why is that?”
“He hates his mother-in-law,” said the seven year old rudely.

June 9
As it was Poson last week, we went to the temple in the evening. All the devotees had gathered at the temple. Some were meditating and some were listening to the preachings. Front house lady, Mrs Wijesinghe was deliberately listening to one of those. So we sat near her.

“I’m so relaxed today. I spent the whole day in the temple. I felt I was apart from the normal world filled with cruelty and greed even for one single day,” said she in a calm voice.

“Yes. What you said is true. We should often come to the temple to relax our mind,” said my mother to support what she said.

“Ane yes. No matter what happens in outer world, I’m not bothered at all. By the way Mrs. Siriwardene, have you noticed the person who frequently visits Sheila’s house in her husband’s absence? I think he is Sheila’s spare,” she asked eagerly.

Poor Mrs. Wijesignhe, although she is few steps away from attaining enlightenment, Sheila’s spare bothers her way to Nibbana.

June 10
Chandani, our school cleaner arrived in the afternoon when kids left school. Her face was a bit more humble than other days.
“Teacher, I have happy news to tell especially to you”
“Oh what is it Chandani?”

“You know my only daughter has delivered a baby boy yesterday. So, as his only grandmother I need to do justice to him.”
“Oh cool. You may do justice after cleaning the classroom. Chandani,” I said.

“Oh you didn’t understand what I said exactly, Teacher? If you can contribute to buy something for him that would be better” she approached the point directly.

“Ok Chandani, just to know. How many months does a human being bare a child?”
“Nine months”
“I think your daughter is beyond human.”
“Why is that Teacher?”
“Last February you said the same story and got Rs 2000 from me and just after three months your daughter has once again delivered another child. Isn’t it great?”

June 11
Unfortunately our headmistress, Ms. Disgusting’s daughter is in my class. Her interference is horrible not only for me but also for all the other teachers.

“Sri, you need to pay more attention to my child. See, yesterday she hasn’t had her snack, which I prepared with utmost care,” said Ms. Disgusting.

“Oh Teacher, But I saw she was having a piece of Melanie’s birthday cake. May be she felt enough of it,” I said, humbly.

“Don’t let her eat those, other children may try to feed her all the rubbish. You don’t know how much effort I take to prepare her the snack. I think I’m the only mom on earth who takes so much care on her nutrition,” she said haughtily and left the class.

However, I was eager to see what she has made for her child with utmost care today. The innocent child opened the lunch box to see a half rotten banana and a sugar bun bought from the canteen.