The National Mobile Service Provider Mobitel recently partnered with the Data Management Unit of the Ministry of Education and the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Sri Lanka (TRCSL) for the launch of the School Net II project to provide high-speed 4G LTE internet access to a large number of schools countrywide for the benefit of the students.

Mobitel will act as one of the leading mobile operators that would contribute to the large scale service initiative for schools that do not have adequate internet access. Under this new project conducted by the Ministry of Education, a selected set of schools across the country will be fully equipped with the best high-speed internet facilities from Mobitel through its 4G LTE network.

The Ministry of Education partnered with Mobitel on the significant occasion to provide internet access to school children on a large scale. The programme is important as it enables school going children, even at the grass roots, to develop their understanding of information technology which in the long-run would meet the demands of a fast-developing world.

The School Net ll programme in particular would have a significant impact on schools as it will promote the use of internet and computers amongst even the most remote schools that would normally not have access to such services.

The internet solution would be further beneficial to schools as it would allow teachers and administrators to change passwords when necessary to ensure that the services are used essentially for educational needs. The Schools Net ll initiative is expected to further enhance the learning opportunities of school students and to develop their skills and future progress.