Hashan Haputhanthri

One of the Sri Lanka’s successful Marketing/Brand Strategist and Tactician and by the words of the Marketing industry “Sri Lanka’s Brand Guru”, Eminent author-cum-philosopher of TRAVIS BRANDSOLOGY (The 1st Asian Philosophy for Brands) and The Co-Author of “The Book for Entrepreneurs” in India, Hashan Travis Haputhanthri addressed the Second National Seminar on Higher Education in India with Centre for Education Growth and
Research in India.

On a special invitation Hashan Haputhanthri left to India to address the Second National Seminar of CEGR where he spoke about “Needs of Corporate from the Higher Education”.

Hashan spoke about the self-founded concept called the “Talent Model” by explaining, “There are three levels of Talents. It is Surface Talents, then Detected Talents and Hidden Talents. Corporates must understand in individuals what are hidden talents that drive Detected and Surface talents and cultivate them. This is the art to close the unskilled gap. Every layer there are gap created. As Leaders we must close these gaps by educating co-workers.”

Speaking further, Hashan Haputhanthri added by using another model indicating, “Higher education is nothing if you can not convert Data to Information and then Information to Intelligence. It is like you have to convert Education to Higher Education and then to Wisdom. If it is not, you can find the LOGIC and the MAGIC.”

Hashan Haputhanthri further added indicating, “The Education can not be understood by most of the so-called educationists since the particle element is missing. The gap is widening between a Guru and a Teacher. What make you to be a Guru? A question that you must ask and find answer. For me it is a person who has contributed, offered and timelessly developing the fraternity.

He/she must work for the development of the tribe and rigorously bring new learning to make the environment rich. A Guru is a role model where he leads others shoulder to shoulder. A GURU is a gigantic character where he helps his students immensely – like Disapamok”  The teacher can be a GURU if he/she limitlessly help students to achieve greater heights. To do that he/she need guts. Also, Corporates need to understand this concept, in learning to bridge the gap of skilled and unskilled. Many Corporates do not understand this. Why there is Gap – due to many reasons. But the fundamental is not understanding the skill levels of an individual”

CEGR of New Delhi has appointed Hashan Haputhanthri to be at the head table where the occasion was graced by India’s top guns for Higher Education and Specialists for Skilling India. He also became the 1st Sri Lankan to address CEGR conference.
Hashan Haputhanthri is the Head of Marketing for TVS Lanka where they market two-wheelers and three-wheelers.

Having more than 19 years of brand marketing experience for both Food and Non Food, Hashan headed brands like Nivea, Maliban Biscuits (instrumental in launching Maliban Smart Cream Crackers) and in Fiji Islands – Sunquick, Weetbics, Royal Tea, Island Chill Mineral Water and 30 other major brands. Hashan has done research in Inca, Egypt and Sri Lankan symbology. He has further researched color psychology and Namelogy as well. Brand Marketing and non conventional marketing are his inventions and newly revamped Diploma in Strategic Brand Management for SLIM is also his invention.