I visited the Court of the Colombo Municipal Council at Maligakande last week and found the following shortcomings which need immediate action.

1. As the judge of the Court No. 2 was absent, cases were not taken till around 11.30am. However, they were taken at Court No. 1 after the cases of that Court were over. The delay caused a great inconvenience to all those who were present there. When a judge is unable to report for duty cannot an acting judge be present?

2. These Courts (No.1 and No. 2) appear to be normally crowded and as such enough ventilation is very essential. Though a few fans are available, one is not functioning and another is ‘about to stop forever’. All were in a packed floor just to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for the question ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’. A question arose within me, whether the lawyers have not reported to the authority concerned or despite of their complaint the authority is not concerned at to all to repair the fans.

3. The toilets seemed to have been washed as there were five female laborers inside a hut reserved for them resting. But they need to be white-washed and replaced with new marbles as they look very ugly. The toilet area is dark without any sort of light.

4. The toilet area is totally surrounded with vehicles like three-wheelers and motorbikes, some partly but badly rusted, being the property of Court.

Amongst all the grown up weeds and plants, here breed all types of mosquitoes with no one to destroy them. It is a very safe place for them to dwell with their tribes.

When I visited the Court premises years ago I had to stand in a pool of water as here and there it was leaking. I published this pathetic situation in The Island of 21.11.1992 under caption ‘Maligakande CMC Courts’. As a result a renovation was done.

I must take this opportunity of stating the lethargic attitude of the CMC and other local bodies. If we inform them of a certain matter they will not attend and will also not send us an acknowledgement or a reply for it. Then why a Press Officer for such an institution? Even if highlighted in the press they will not take action.

Of CMC, a few letters were published about non-functioning of the traffic lights at the vicinity of Lake House which were installed prior to CHOGM, 2014. Still they are left unattended and if there is a genuine reason for it, the CMC should publish it. If CMC electrical engineers find difficult to function it, call the pandal electricians, they would do a wonderful job.

Of Kaduwela MC, it was reported that people had informed them about the condition of a particular tree that crashed and killed a person and injured a few others recently. Had action being taken, the fatal casualty could have been avoided. Is there no law to punish government servants who by their negligence kill people or damage properties, specially despite of being informed?

Some CMC District Engineers do not care at all to serve the areas coming under their purview. Yet, if attending to one or two matters it will only for the main roads to satisfy the VIPs. But people living in small roads, streets, lanes, etc. are suffering a lot because of several shortcomings such as broken roads, drains, street lamps not being repaired, etc. Those people too are taxpayers. Again here too when informed nobody cares. If two or three areas are covered per week for all sorts of repairs, shortcomings could be rectified. But who will instruct? Our political leaders, our MPs depend on the Mayor, the latter is looking after the affairs of the institution thereby the District Engineers draw their salaries for warming their seats.

President Maithripala Sirisena should be strict like the late President Ranasinghe Premadasa (Man of Action) that every State institution should acknowledge or reply letters of the public and in some cases, of letters that appear in the ‘letters column’ of the newspapers. If they do not stick to it, they should be punished.
Nazly Cassim