After much deliberation and debate, the draft 20th Amendment to the Constitution on electoral reform was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers at a special Cabinet meeting on Friday (June 12). The new electoral system will be a mix of the First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) system and the Proportional Representation (PR) system. The draft amendment was due to be gazetted on Friday night.

Accordingly, under the new electoral system, which was presented to Cabinet by President Maithripala Sirisena, the number of MPs will be increased to 237 from the existing 225. A total of 145 MPs will be elected under the First-Past-The-Post system, 55 under the Proportional Representation system and 37 though the National List.

If the 20th Amendment in its current form is passed by Parliament, a party or alliance would have to muster 119 seats at a General Election in order to form a government.

The report also concludes that the Canadian government committed genocide during this time. The report summary on the federal government’s moves at educating the native community is as follows: “These measures were part of a coherent policy to eliminate Aboriginal people as distinct peoples and to assimilate them into the Canadian mainstream against their will.”

It goes on to admit that “The Canadian government pursued this policy of cultural genocide because it wished to divest itself of its legal and financial obligations to Aboriginal people and gain control over their land and resources.”

The Commission recorded testimonies spanning seven generations, from the 1800s. As remedial  measures, its report stresses on the importance on closing down education gaps between native and other communities, which involves opening more access to higher education for indigenous youth.