A terrible tragedy on 14th April 1912 night needs to remember
Luxury Titanic in Atlantic over 1500 souls on a maiden run
Cold wings whistling while disaster looming, lookouts dozing
Vodka and Fox Trot on hall dock – short span joy

“Whoop we’ve bumped an iceberg,” voices echoed
Cappy Smith’s mind in shambles to steer or not
Alas! Side bashed and busted, funnels sliding, engines stalling
Roomers panicking, pulses pounding ‘City on Water’ wobbling

‘Each man for himself – sink or swim’ voiced many as bands drumming
Froggy jumps by brave to watery grave sad to say
Women and kids in boats few tossing in waters icy
Lovers in tears in clenching hands as liner sinking

SOS jammed – the whole tragedy a fate only fate knew
‘Even the mighty cannot sink the titan’ vain-glory pre-talk
Titanic a century old liner in RIP in watery grave
Memories still haunt as the greatest sea tragedy of human vanity
H L D E Perera

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