The Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) has urged the government to approve the 20th amendment at the coming Cabinet meeting and to publish it via a gazette as soon as possible.

A minority of MPs are attempting to derail the 20A which would change the country’s political culture which has been degraded by the preferential voting system. Most of these MPs are those accused of corruption and will not be those who can enter parliament winning an electorate. Those MPs were also behind the prevention of appointing members to the Constitutional Council and brought in amendments to weaken 19A, CaFFE charged in a statement.

“The same MPs are attempting to quickly dissolve the parliament by bringing in a no confidence motion against Hon. Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe. The MPs who propagated the motion want to prevent the appointment of the CC and the establishment of independent commissions and to prevent electoral reforms. In addition they want to prevent the Right To Information Act and National Audit Bill.”

According to CaFFE, this could be prevented by continuous commitment by the President, Prime Minister and the Government to create a change in the political culture. By making the necessary amendment to 20A at the coming Cabinet meeting and publishing it will defeat the attempts of these MPs. It is only after gazetting the 20A that people can express their opinion on the amendments as well as people can seek the opinion of the Supreme Court, the statement further said.

CaFFE noted that it was the organization’s belief that the no confidence motion against the Prime Minister, which it says is based on false facts, can be defeated if the President and Prime Minster believes in the people.