Tamil nadu wants SriLankan fish

Motions and emotions
The UNP needs dissolution. Mahinda faction needs no confidence motions. Both these have become emotions to the two groups.

Worst gambling
The gamblers gamble with their money or other valuables . But politicians gamble with or bet their own lives. So, politics is a gamble where the stakes are human lives.

We see innocence in the actions of children and it reveals also the innocence that exists within us. In the same way, we see the cruelties done by others and it also reveals the cruelty that exists within us. We see in the outside what exists within ourselves.

Best gambling
When you stake money the return is smaller in relation to, when you  stake your life. So the best gamblers do politics.

Fish for Tamil nadu
Earlier Tamilnadu people and their leaders had much concern for the Tamils in Sri Lanka. But now they are more concerned about fish in Sri Lankan waters.

Unknown fields
‘When we enter an unknown field to us, we become instruments for others who are familiar with that particular field. Politics is such a field for me. There are born politicians and we become just instruments in this field,’ a friend said. Most people are like my friend.

Telling and doing
The JVP is telling the people to unite but unity eludes them. At the beginning, Wimal and Nandana left the party. Then the Kumar Faction emerged. And now Somawansa has left.

Wimal’s rival
Wimal’s rival is not Buddhadasa but Susil now.

If we openly say that we want or hope to have something it means that we really do not want it. But if we do not speak about something it means that we want it and are planning to have it.

A country cannot be united by politics. Unity is forged by arts and literature. It’s not surprising then that ours is a divided country.

From Borges
‘’Everything which can happen to a man, from the instant of his birth until his death, has been preordained by him. Thus,  every  negligence  is deliberate, every chance encounter an appointment, every humiliation a penitence, every failure a mysterious victory and every death a suicide.”

Third World War is coming
Globalization has now entered a stage of too much interdependence. Too much interdependence means that everyone in the world has become neighbors. The most difficult thing in the world is to adhere to the dictum ‘love thy neighbor’. The easiest thing is to hate  the neighbor. This is why I say that the Third   World War is coming near. But the Third World War will be different from the Second World War. There will not be wars between countries or group of countries. But every country will become a battlefield due to internal wars.