A change in government has not resulted in a change of attitude towards the student community, the Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF) has charged.

Speaking to The Nation, IUSF Convener Najith Indika said, “Looking at the past five months, there has been no difference in the principles of the government,” adding that although it is believed to be the time of good governance, society needs to be aware of how the present government oppresses students. He explained that since this was a temporary government, it has limited ways of oppressing students. However, these limits haven’t stopped them, Najith Indika said. The IUSF has also prepared a report titled ‘100 Days Student Oppression’ which discusses the various ways university students were oppressed during the current government.

The report will be sent to relevant authorities, professors, lecturers, political parties and various other societies and organizations. IUSF believes that the report will have an impact on society and reduce student oppression which has been an issue constantly being protested against by the IUSF.