Royal College, Monaragala was inaugurated on March 15 in 1969 under the patronage of its founder Principal, PS Ranatunga along with the contribution of the Government Agent in Monaragala, PG Punchihewa. The school was started under the name ‘Hulandawa Nawa Kanitu Vidyalaya’.

Principal  Sanath Jayasekara
Sanath Jayasekara

The school initiated from simple beginnings had only five classes at the beginning. At the time of the establishment, there were only 19 students and five teachers. According to the records of the school, the first student of the school was WP Mallika Alvis. The school was started with minimum facilities and during that time the school was conducted in a single building which still stands in the school premises.

After PS Ranatunga, JA Wisidagama assumed duties as the Principal of the school in 1970. Later, the school was named as ‘Rajakeeya Vidyalaya’. E  Sooriyage served the school as the Principal of the school until 1985, before DP Dahanayake became the principal of the school.

On November 11 in 2001, PG Pemadasa assumed duties as the principal of the school. Later in 2003, DM Dharmadasa became the principal of the school. Dharmadasa’s commitment to the school is immeasurable  since then, he initiated steps to provide English Medium education in the school since 2006.

After his retirement, GD Sarath Bandu Gunasekara assumed duties as the principal of the school on December 1, 2008. He dedicated his time to develop the school in many ways too. After Ven. Ullapola Chandananda Thera became the principal of the school. Due to the patronage of the former principals of the school, today the level of the school has been raised in many ways.
With time the school developed progressively along with the contribution of the principal, deputy principals, assistant principals, sectional heads and the teachers.

At present RM Sanath Jayasekara is the principal of the school. Since his inception in 2012, his commitment to the school is immense. He is a humble guardian who has been dedicating for the development of the school so far.

The Deputy Principals of the school are Ven. Ullapola Chandananda Thera, PA Amarasinghe and DM Jayawardane who are in charge of the school development affairs and KM Dharmatilake and HMSK Herath who are in charge of the educational administration of the school. The assistant principals of the school are KH Sriyani, HMR Herath and HMG Buddhadasa.

The school consists of a primary section and a secondary section. The principal of the primary section is AM Gunapala.

At presen, there is an academic staff of 132 in both primary and secondary sections. The school educates over 2,337 students while there are 883 students in the primary section. The secondary section of the school comprises classes from Grade Six to Advanced Level.

The prefects’ guild of the school assists the school’s administration with the support given by the academic staff. There are two head prefects and deputy head prefects who support the administration assisted by the academic staff. There are 198 prefects in the prefects’ guild of the school.

Head prefects of the school are Dhanuka Dulanjana and Buddhima Rajapura. Deputy head prefects of the school are Osika Dahanayake, Gayangi Jayasekara, Piumi sandareka, Anjula Prasnjith, Jeewanthika Jinadari and Nuwan Rathnayake.

The school has been organizing various events and programs that have been showcasing the talents and skills of the students. Arts Day, Sports Meets are some of the events that are annually organized by the school. In addition, there are religious programs like Sil campaigns for Poson and Vesak poyadays.

There are clubs and societies in the school such as Sinhala Literature society, Students’ Parliament, Red Cross Society, IT club, Nature Club, Prefects’ guild, Media Unit, etc. The library, IT lab, Science laboratory are some of the facilities provided for the students.

There are four Houses in the school as Tissa, Vijaya, Gamunu and Parakum.

The school has given priority to music, dancing and sports and the students have excelled in relevant competitions in many ways. There are all-island achievements in various sports competitions like Boxing, Cricket, and Karate etc. Over the past years the students have excelled in different competitions like general knowledge, English Day and Sinhala Literary competitions, etc.

The school also provides opportunity for the students to engage in sports and games like volleyball, netball, football, badminton, karate and chess. It is also significant that the ambiance of the school is very tranquil due its location away to from the bustle environment. The school being spacious is a great benefit for the students to engage in extra- curricular activities too.

The students are required to come to the school early in the morning each day. The students of the Media Unit of the school conduct the morning program of the school. The school is started every day followed by the religious prayers.

(Special thanks to the Principal, RM Sanath Jayasekara and the teachers RA Yapa, KH Sriyani, Karunasena Banda, Rasika Nilani Nawaratne for their assistance)