We Tamils are inflicted with parochial superiority complex and paranoia. No one understands and agrees that the racial and ethnic confrontation was launched by our so-called Malaysian born SJV Chelvanayaka (m), when he floated the Federal Party (FP) in 1949. SJVC could have fought for a federal system from the British, prior to granting independence, however, he did not, and other politicians did not, that cause has not been disclosed.

The main reason that could be ascribed to may be: if asked, the British might not grant favors to those Tamil elites who went to UK for studies and settlement. What was most important to the Tamil elites, who were misleading the Tamil mass, was their family growth: economically, educationally, and accumulation of wealth. The minds of the Tamil elites were inflicted with self-centered selfishness, which was dominating their parochial superiority psychoses mind.

Their first phase was Gandhian style struggle. FP was creating the government immense governing problem. The details are well known to Sri Lankans, and need not be detailed here in this article. If the government did not respect the minority issues, they could have enacted by act of parliament to eliminate such anti-government propaganda, hartals and Satyagraha. However, SWRD, DS, and the politicians made efforts to formulate schemes to satisfy the Tamil politician’s power hunger greed.

Vaddukoddai declaration
The second phase was armed struggle.It is absolutely, with no doubt, we all know that the youngsters Thangathurai and Kuttimani took up armed struggle, and the driver behind them was FP, through a representative in Valvettiturai. The above two youngsters were nothing but smugglers.

With these two Vellupillai Prabakaran who did not even complete his year 9, got involved. Following LTTE, more than 25 armed groups gave birth. Subsequently majority of the groups were aligned to the government. Now we have to apply the democratic principle here, don’t we?

The Vaddukoddai declaration was FP driven, declared on the 14th May 1976 for a Tamil Nation called, “Tamil Eelam”. This is an unexpected birth of a young newborn baby, creating chaos in the minds of the Sri Lankans. Not all the Tamils welcomed and cuddled this declaration.

Can one Sri Lankan raise his finger and say that the government did not attempt to solve the issues?

GOSL attempted to bring about a solution through various discussions, Thimbu, etc. However, it did not get through the thick skull of neither Vellupillai Prabakaran, nor the Tamil Diaspora and local politicians. For the Tamil Diaspora and the local politics they planned a conspiracy to eliminate VP because they would not accept the caste of VP. Money making perpetrators wanted the struggle to prolong so that they could accumulate wealth.

Safe haven
Sri Lankan economy was quite poor, and the government until 2004 did not take any positive measures to impede the terrorist actions, nor improve the economic condition. Only Tamils were on illegal entry to Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, and Europe. Tamils in these countries established a safe haven and these Tamils were marked as “scapegoats” by the elite Tamil Diaspora to destroy SL under various slogans.

After the “war against terrorism” that ended in 2009, Tamil refugees flooded various European countries including Australia and New Zealand. It was LTTE’s super plan to send youngsters and even children at the age of 13 or 14, as refugees for their mission to destroy SL. All of LTTE’s terrorist efforts ended in 2009 with the LTTE supporters accumulating wealth through Benami transactions.

Currently, Tamil Diaspora, particularly refugee migrants, and uneducated are being used as scapegoats by mysterious, clandestine, veiled Tamil elites, and these poor peasants are on the run to gain popularity among the Tamils, that they are patriots of Tamil Eelam.
It is dishonoring and disgracing to note Tamil radios have allowed some programmers to talk about people who died 30 years ago, in the pretext that the SL navy killed a girl called, “Kumuthini”. These radios frequently talk about the war against terrorism, as freedom fight and about the Tamils killed. These Tamils have not got the guts to talk about the thousands of innocent people, politicians, prime ministers, and presidents killed by the LTTE. LTTE is a slaughter group, embracing nil principle, but killed all those who did not agree with them. It is known that the world should know how many thousands of humans, LTTE has slaughtered.

Flooded with cash
It is all because of the shortfall in the intelligence of the young uneducated youth that were being used as scapegoats by the Tamil Elite politicians.

A politician made a statement that liquor is being consumed by young boys of age as 16. Whose fault is this? Where are the parents? Why don’t they address this issue? Why is a politician talking about this on a foreign soil?

The key issue is: Tamils in the North are flooded with cash from their relatives overseas. They do not know how the poor uneducated peasant refugee, sacrifices his life to earn the money and send it to his/her parent/brother/sister in Jaffna. Tamils in Jaffna enjoy. Why don’t the politicians visit villages and towns to study the pattern?

One agenda that is being signaled around, over the Tamil radio is: Although the terrorist war has ended, have the Tamils’ got what they wanted? What! NPC was given, elections held in 2013. Tamils are still woofing. Why? It is because Tamils will never be contended. We are megalomaniac and suffer from superiority complex.

Here Tamil Diaspora peasants have forgot a term called, “Democracy”, “majority rule, minority rights”. Well, the minority cannot have everything. Rule and governance goes by the democratic principles. The country cannot shovel the majority to a side, and give everything to the minority, which is undemocratic.

In the case of Tamils, Tamils tell the lower caste, that elites are being elected democratically. Elites hold all leading positions and allow the lower caste to do menial work only. Mentally how does this project to an educated person? The elite Tamils and politicians contradict to whatever they say.

Poor widows
According to a gentleman’s view who had returned from SL Tamils are on a spree of building temples in the North, giving business to the Indians. Have the Tamil Diaspora thought whether this is a good act for Tamils’ future?

Jaffna has an array of jewelry and finance shops. This means that Tamils in Jaffna have abundance of wealth to purchase jewelry, and abundance of assets to borrow. Why groan about widows? Why cannot the Tamil Diaspora who swindle money, help these poor widows? Radios waste more time talking about martyrs and widows. Why not talk about helping widows, rather building temples.

We know that only a few Tamils are now engaged in an attempt of indoctrination through radio and Internet, of the Tamils, to wage war against GOSL and the Sinhalese people. The 19th May incident in Jaffna is a typical paradigm. The refugee peasants who have invaded countries should endeavor to study the country’s language, and make use of the country’s facilities. They should not use the country’s freedom and facilities to wage terrorist war against Sri Lanka through sleeping cells in the North. Any country will tolerate up to its sovereignty not being threatened.