Orhan Pamuk is an award-winning Turkish author, who is best known for his novels ‘My Name Is Red’ and ‘The White Castle’ and for being the first Turkish to win a Nobel Prize. He was born on June 7, 1952 in Istanbul, Turkey. Growing up, his only desire was to become a painter but he finally ended up as a writer. Pamuk was schooled at Robert College Secondary School and after graduation; he went off to Istanbul Technical University for his higher education.

Shortly after college, he started working on his first ever novel called Darkness and Light (known as ‘Karanlık ve Işık’ in Turkish) and released it in 1973. He continued writing more stories such as ‘The Black Book’. While these all happened, Pamuk met Aylin Türegün and married her on 1 March 1982. Together, they have a daughter named Rüya Pamuk. And in 2001, the couple got divorced due to personal problems. Pamuk continued his writing career which earned him the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006.

Since then, he has also received many awards such as the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, European Museum of the Year Award and many more.

Orhan Pamuk’s  notable works
My Name is Red
The Silent House
The Black Book
The Museum of Innocence
The New Life