Nuski Mohamed and Jayananda Warnaweera have distanced themselves from attending any meetings or sub-committee meetings of Sri Lanka Cricket interim committee until the three-member Board of Inquiry appointed by the Minister of Sports into corruption has concluded their findings.

Mohamed and Warnaweera have disclosed that they served in the former committee and as the committee was being investigated it would be unethical on their part to actively participate in the interim committee until the inquiry is concluded.

Mohamed was treasurer and Warnaweera was an ExCo member.Their appointments to the interim committee by the Sports Minister was criticized by various persons due to the appointment of the Board of Inquiry even though there is no rule to say that if you have served in a cricket body you cannot be included in an interim committee.

The Minister has given a period of two months for the Board of Inquiry committee to inquire and submit a report to him. It is expected to be completed around July.