Lux last week unveiled their fabulous Lux® Star Collection, a limited edition collection co-created with Deepika Padukone and with a new fragrance by Master Perfumer Alessandra Vinksnaitis
“Every woman has an ‘inner star’ in her. The Lux® Star Collection fragrance is all about that feeling of wearing a fabulous outfit that you know will make you feel like a star and give you the confidence to behave like one”, said Lux Master Perfumer, Alessandra Vinksnaitis, the co creator of the new Lux Star Collection soaps, Sweet Temptation and Delicate Embrace.

Sri Lanka’s darling of the silver screen, Pooja Umashanker who launched the two new soaps said she was delighted with the captivating fragrance of these soaps.  “To me the New Lux Star Collection is the launch of two new amazing fragrances that are encapsulated in a bar as opposed to a bottle”, says Pooja. I have always believed that scent is a key part of your invisible wardrobe and personality. The new Star Collection, to me evokes the feeling of getting all dressed up, feeling beautiful, charming and desirable when I step out. I believe every woman has an ‘inner star’ in her and the Star Collection is created to help her express that in a subtle but powerful way”, said Pooja speaking at the launch.

The Star Collection was launched at Park Street Mews, attended by a host of celebrities and fashionista, as well as reputed beauty and fashion industry icons. Fans were given the opportunity of rubbing shoulders with their favorite stars and fashion icons, while Sri Lanka’s international beauty queen and champion of women’s rights State Minister Rosy Senanayake too made a guest appearance. “What’s so special about Lux is also the fact that it is a brand that has a great amount of legacy, including its association with some of the world’s most glamorous women, from Elizabeth Taylor to Audrey Hepburn”, said Rosy.

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