When a girl is born everyone adores her as a princess. She will cry in the night and wakes everyone around the house. Yet she will be treated special. When she likes something it will be liked by the parents too.

She is the queen of the family and the princess of the parents. She may be named differently, but she is worldly recognized by the name called daughter. Every father loves to hold his daughter for long even when she is fast sleep. Because the comfort and joy which feels by looking at the sleeping daughter can never be felt by anyone in this world.

Daughters are always dear to father than mother. Mothers love their daughter yet the father is the one who encourages the daughter to do challenges. And make impossible into possible.
Being a daughter in a big family is great. You get to follow steps by looking at your elder sisters. And you can teach your younger sisters what is right and wrong. Because being an elder sister, it’s her responsiblity to do and set examples. Yet you have to be unique to live your life.

However, being one and only daughter is something different. You don’t have anyone to follow or you don’t have to set an example for someone else. When you’re doing something you have to be cautious not to take any wrong steps. Because you never know it’s right or wrong. Nevertheless it’s lucky to be one and only princess to the king.

I am princess not because I have prince, because my father is a king. It’s the most famous quote among the daughters. Being a teenage daughter is a challenge in life. Because that’s the age we tent to ignore our parents. When we are too busy with our friends and chatting we may forget our mother is waiting at home or our father is worried that his little princess still didn’t return home.

However, being a daughter is a blessing for every girl. We get to feel the parents’ love and protection. Even in the most difficult time, they are the ones who stand with us. Make us comfortable to speak what we feel and make us happy.

Daughter is always a daughter, even if she finds her prince because the girl’s first love is the father’s love which no one can replace. And the same way it’s her responsible. to make her parents proud then make them feel ashamed by a silly acts. We make mistakes yet we have to learn lessons from our mistakes and try our best to not to repeat our mistakes in life.

There are people who are not blessed with a daughter, so, be thankful for being a daughter to your parents. And try your best to be a great daughter who will be remembered even after she is being someone else wife or mother. A daughter brings joy through her loving way.