A dispute occurs between two communities who happen to also belong to two ethnic groups. The incident is blown to a large proportion and is made a big deal of. A hashtag is decided on and social media is overflowing with posts about the incident and the importance of unity.

A few weeks later the incident is forgotten.
A girl is sexually harassed. The incident is recorded and it goes viral. Young people create anti-harassment groups. They take photographs of themselves holding up posters. The pictures are shared, commented on and liked. People talk about their experiences and about why harassment is a great evil.

A few weeks later the incident is forgotten.
A boy lies on a rail track. He closes his eyes, holds on tightly to the cold rail. He mutters a prayer, asks for forgiveness. He blocks out the sound of the approaching train. Later, they find parts of his body. That was how people would remember him; A boy who grew up with unhappiness around him, a youth who carried that unhappiness with him and an adult, for a short time, who surrendered to that unhappiness.

Social media is blamed. Suicide is spoken about. His past is torn apart, analyzed. People, friends, family, strangers, look for clues. Newspapers carry articles about mental health and depression. Blogs speak about the darkness that reaches out to us.
A few weeks later the incident is forgotten.

We have busy lives and many things to remember. How, you may ask, is it possible to remember a stranger who killed himself when you can’t even remember what you had for lunch the day before? We have a lot to store in our minds and strangers, people we don’t know outside of whatever it is that happened to them, can’t take up much room in our memories.

We like to deny this. And we may call ourselves activists and dedicate our entire lives to a cause. However, it’s difficult to focus on one cause and we often play hopscotch and go from one cause to another. We can’t be blamed totally for its not easy to remember.

However, maybe it’s time we stop forgetting. Maybe it’s time we looked at the consequences of us forgetting and thus society forgetting.

You may want to share your opinion and take part in campaigns against specific incidents. The hot topic attracts us all. However, this shouldn’t mean that other topics are forgotten or allowed to gather dust.

There are so many issues that need to be spoken about, and the strongest voice is one that could speak about them all until these problems have been solved. And if society decides to forget, often to its convenience, it’s our duty to remind it.