June 1
Monday is the worst day of the week, specially the morning. Thinking about the workload ahead drives me crazy. Yeah, it was Malithi,
Ms Weeping Willow’s wail as usual. This time not in the classroom, but in the staircase, weeping bitterly.
“Oh what’s up this time, Malithi?”
“Teacher… Teacher… Today Amma didn’t give me my lunch box”.
“Oh is it a thing to cry? Don’t worry. I will give you some money to fetch something from the canteen. So stop crying,” I said.
“No teacher. I don’t want anything from the canteen. What did you bring for lunch today?” She asked me, with tears overflowing.
“Bread and butter…”
“Oh only bread and butter? I think mine is better. I will have my cheeseburger,” she said with a long face.
“What? It means you brought your lunch box?”
“No teacher. You didn’t understand what I said. Amma has given me a lunch packet instead of a lunch box today!”

June 3
It is Madhu, a colleague of my school van. She is a teacher from my adjoining school.
“Oh you have worn a new saree today. How much was it?” asked she in the morning as I got in.
“Rs 11,750”
“Oh too expensive than it looks na? In vain…you know, one of my teachers brings nice sarees from Pettah for cheap prices and sells them at school.  Good quality products ane. Shall we also start the business with the help of her? “
“How to?” I asked
“Ok, let’s do like this. I will bring you one of her bulks of sarees. Then you can take them to your school and sell at your own price… But don’t forget to keep a margin for me darling,” she said with a nice smile on her face.
May be she thinks it was the only thing left for me to do at school! Madness!

June 4
I had to stay afterschool with the kids for Bhakthi Gee practices. Some parents were late to pick the child from school and I had to stay with them until their parents arrived. The last left at six though practices were finished by five o’clock. So I reached home around 6.30.
It was a whole mess when I came back home from school. Gnurus, my darling little pet doggy, has fallen in to the well behind my house and amma has cried for help. All the neighbors around have rushed to our place. Ladies were crying unable to help the doggy and gents were trying their level best to take the doggy out of the well. Gnurus’s cry from the well echoes the whole area. Ladies, including Amma, were praying to god for him and some were making vows. At last after a great effort of the neighbors Gnurus’s life was spared. He was able to climb up the well.

June 5
Didn’t go to school. We all were fed up thinking the fellow will die. Aunt, uncle and my cousin came to see the patient who was critically ill. So we all decided to take him to the nearest vet clinic. Firstly, Amma with the doggy entered the room of the vet. Then me, then Thaththa, then aunt, uncle, my cousin and at last Piyaseeli with her belongings entered the vet’s room accordingly. My boyfriend was too far to chaperone the doggy. Had he was close by, he would have too joined us. The vet was surprisedby the crowed and asked Amma what was wrong with doggy.
“Oh doctor, he fell in to the well. Just wanted to know if there are any complications with him after the incident.”
He checked and at last asked what the name of the doggy is.
Amma hesitated to tell the name. It was me, the Guinea pig, who had to tell the name to the doctor.
“What?” ask the vet with eyes enlarged
“Gnurus,” it was me once again.
The vet started biting the pen for few minutes. Then wrote something on a piece of paper, ‘Gnurus/ Nurus/ Nyurus’ and asked me to tick the correct one. The first was correct. Vet gave him some vitamins saying that there is nothing to worry with the dog, but its name. So we came back happily.