‘Gayamu Gee’, the monthly concert which took place under the auspices of the ‘Ranwala Balakaya’, has ended for good. Began about three years ago on the personal initiative of Sahan Ranwala, the event took place on the last Saturday of every month at the ‘Kamatha’ in the BMICH. However, this has now come to an end after BMICH authorities imposed a ban on the use of sound equipment for the concert.

Commenting on the incident Ranwala Balakaya Chief Ranwala had this to say to The Nation: “I funded this event as a response to the need to enlighten kids about various songs and musical numbers from yesteryear which they hadn’t heard of. The authorities have decided to ban the use of sound equipment on the ‘Kamatha’, as a response to complaints that the music was interfering with private property owners neighboring the venue. So in effect this means that I will not be able to continue the event as I did before.”

When asked whether he would continue the event elsewhere, he said that while the event hasn’t been completely cancelled, it is unlikely that it will be resumed at another place or venue. When contacted by The Nation, a spokesperson at the BMICH affirmed the decision by higher authorities to go ahead with the decision to ban sound equipment.