While the case by the Golden Key depositors was taken in the Courts on Thursday, another group had a protest campaign in front of the Courts premises. The Association of Golden Key Employees gathered after a long silence and organized a sathyagraha campaign.

Association President, HA Dougles told ‘The Nation’, around Rs.60 million should be paid by the company to the Golden Key employees who lost their jobs. “In Golden Key alone, we had 303 employees. We have salary arrears to receive. We didn’t get compensation, gratuity or any other payment. We maintained silence till the last moment, we wanted the depositors to receive the justice first”, Dougles said.

None of the 300 plus staffers received an official letter informing them of termination of service or that the company had been shut down, he further revealed.

Douglas also charged that the company had not paid ETF of employees due for nine months prior to the closure of the company on December, 2009.

In 2010, labor court ruled that the administration should pay their salaries. He said. Dr. Lalith Kotelawala promised to pay their compensation before he was remanded and now he has no involvement in that issue.

Also he said, their priority goes to depositors and now their decision is on the final stage. So they hope for a fair decision and if they can’t obtain a satisfactory decision they hope to seek legal recourse.