In this internet-crazed world, it is questionable whether the modern generation is actually interested in reading. The unlimited use of technology has distracted the modern generation from reading. Tendency to use internet, Facebook, video games mobile phones and other devices have reduced the children’s preference of reading.
Books, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias are a few sources of reading that come in print media. In this globalized world, there are so many other sources of information available for you to read through internet, e- books and e-newspapers.

Most of the students complain that there is lack of time for them to read. Some of them also struggle to read while complaining that it is hard for them to concentrate their mind on reading. But if you are really a good reader you will discover that reading makes you concentrated.

Every time you read, you will discover and learn new things and what you read will also be useful in your studies. If you are engaging in school studies only, you will be stressed with a load of books that you have to study. All your efforts to study will also be futile then. But if you also read various other books that are interesting, your mind will automatically be relaxed, because reading also helps to retain inner peace and tranquility.

Regular reading will sharpen your writing skills too. Eventually, you will come across different writing skills that numerous writers have used in order to capture the mind of the readers.

Reading is an effective means of language acquisition. A regular reader will develop his or her language skills while learning new words. In addition reading books in other languages will help you to learn new languages.

Newspapers play a vital role in broadening your general knowledge. By reading newspapers you can learn about the current situations around the world as well.

Every time you read, you will enhance your knowledge while arguing yourself with what you learn by reading while comparing with your prior knowledge. Thus reading helps to develop strong analytical thinking and ameliorate speaking and writing fluency.
Furthermore ,reading also helps to refresh memory and boost your thinking capacity. The more you read, you will improve your knowledge in numerous ways.