The Office of the Western Provincial Commissioner of Motor Traffic had incurred a loss of Rs.40 billion as of last year due to non-renewal of vehicle revenue licenses, a senior official said last week.

Accordingly, the amount is an accumulative figure and cannot be confined to a specific timeframe. Therefore, the department has now commenced work in order to update the system with the objective of providing details of vehicles in Western province that haven’t had their licenses renewed.

“We have lost out on at least Rs.40 billion so far due to vehicle owners failing to renew their revenue licenses,” the official, who did not wish to be quoted, told The Nation Gain. “This is for the Western Province alone,” the official pointed out.

As part of the updating program, the department recently issued a communiqué calling on all owners who had failed to renew their vehicle revenue licenses to do so at a concessionary rate.

The official added that the department would continue to conduct such programs in order to encourage vehicle owners to renew their revenue licenses.

The officials at present are in the process of streamlining the system and update it in order to estimate the actual amount lost out by the department.

Speaking further, the official added that drivers and vehicle owners need to be educated on the need to renew revenue license.

We’ve realized that there exist several issues with the current system primarily pertaining to the ownership of the vehicle. Most individuals do not confirm to the rules that govern a sale of a vehicle. In further, some do not know what to do when a vehicle is no longer useable.

The department had come across instances where ownership of second hand vehicles had not been legally transferred to the buyer after sale. “On some occasions, when we inquired the owners registered with the department, they say that they had sold their vehicles years ago. Therefore, there needs to be a strict system where the buyer registers the vehicle as soon as he or she purchases it.”

In addition, the official also pointed out that there were no systems to monitor the region where vehicles were used. The department had also come across situations where vehicles that were registered in the Western Province being used in other provinces for a long period.