Every time I read articles on suicide, the thought that it’s not going to help those who have already tried and gone, bothers me. Whatever attempts made to diminish the escalating statistics on suicide is null and void as far as the victims are concerned.

Social responsibility towards friends and family of these victims seems to take a backseat among all initiatives to alleviate suicidal attempts. The strategies are always woven around advocating on rehabilitation for victims who survived death and those who are battling with suicidal thoughts. However, there is no skepticism in the fact that further attempts are preventive and we all have a role to play in it.

Almost everyone is touched at some point of life by suicide; attempted suicide of someone we know or a public figure, or our own self destructive thoughts. I was recently moved by the loss of one of my friends that I’ve known for several years, and at times I still need to be reminded she’s no more, which is somewhat hard to digest.

Given how much losing her affected me, it opened doors for me to imagine the devastation these people might be going through before death. So much that it’s this imagination alone that leaves us awe struck for months.

On a close up of this incident, I realized that it’s the people around the victim who pay the price for this calamity. It is family and friends who battle against memories of a loved one. One question they ache to have answered is “why?” What made her feel enough despair to want to die! Such thoughts kills us with guilt of failing to see it coming and as humans, we start blaming ourselves, taking an enormous toll on the community.

Suicide is a sequel of severe depression in which a person begins to think everyone would be better off without him/her, and ultimately falls prey to such distortion. Some victims are those who took control over their destiny, due to a deathly illness at which point they must have thought death was comfort over suffering, and chose suicide as a way to shorten a dying that will happen regardless.

This is where euthanasia takes the stage. It’s a controversial topic world organizations have debated for decades, however it’s not encouraged in Sri Lanka owing to cultural and religious backgrounds.

We also witness instances where people opt for suicide as a method to strike out at someone who has hurt them. Some would also bluff family and friends, relating stories of suicidal attempts or thoughts alone to fulfill an objective of alerting those close to them of their distress. Unfortunately, sometimes it is too late when this goal is achieved.

That is exactly where our social responsibility lies. We come across such people quite often than not; a reserved person may look at it as ‘none of my business’ which has a truth in it, because ‘your garbage is your garbage’ and pertaining to conflicts and issues in the current context of society, you and I have enough to solve each day, and it probably takes us a lot of effort to keep our head held high. Still for all, if we don’t, who will?

Nevertheless, suicide is a mere thought of a heat of the moment that if not nipped in the bud will soon take us to the graves. It’s a misinterpreted end of the rope that makes a person short sighted; the rope is longer but he sees an end that’s within reach of suicide. Obviously, nothing comes easy.

And it’s insane to even expect that life would be smooth for you, because you are no exception. Just think about it, what would you even learn out of a smooth and easy life? Why were we even put here if so? True! We don’t see the bright side of anything when we are in despair, but that’s why we are a community based species.

Open up to those around you, why punish yourself by battling your thoughts alone, unless you’re strong and you see it through life! Also always remember, things change with time, no bad situation or crisis is going to last forever. You’re going to get over it in time.

We may be 99 percent correct in assuming ‘no way, one wouldn’t do something so lame,’ but all it takes is that one percent to write a different (lame) end to your story of life.