Sarath N Silva |

Past and present
Field Marshal Fonseka is not as popular as General Fonseka was.

Mahinda is less popular than former President Mahinda. Prime Ministerial candidate, Mahinda will also be less popular than former President Mahinda.

Future of Wimal
Mahinda is now trying to be a Wimal. Not good for both.

Gamini, Vijaya and Mahinda
Today there are no actors like Gamini, Joe or Vijaya. So, there is a space for good acting. Mahinda is filling this space. To tell the truth, I feel Mahinda is cleverer than Gamini and all others especially in acting before the eyes of people not before the cameras. So, Mahinda cannot be defeated by logic or arguments only by more attractive acting.

New generation
Mahinda is also giving birth to a new generation of actors. They are fed up of their lives and want to play the role of a hero. They have forgotten that true heroism is to keep away from acting.

Crocodiles and sharks
In  the past, people saw the crocodiles in washbasins. But now people have the chance to see sharks in fish tanks. Gota has given this opportunity.

Sarath the judge misjudges everything every time. He is talking about comedy forgetting that he too had become a comedian.

Mahinda’s aim
Mahinda wants to contest from Colombo to defeat both Ranil and Gota in one shot. I think if Mahinda is contesting from Colombo, Wimal has to move into the national list.

New saloon door
Maithri may open the new saloon door for Wimal.

Politics is now everyone’s play
Earlier,  only the privileged could talk politics. Now all, including women and children share the privilege.

Politicians are everywhere today.  You could even find one in the mirror in your own home.

If  you love politics, you can love Mahinda too.

Too anxious
We are anxious when our children fight, and our children are anxious when their parents fight

Bahu’s hero
Now Bahu’s hero is not Marx, Engel’s or Einstein but Ranil.

Bahu follows Vasu
Bahu is employing the same strategy as his former mentor Vasu. Vasu got a ministerial post, following Mahinda and Bahu hopes he’ll get one from Ranil.  Both are pumpkins, one old and the other not too old, but not so young either.