May 18th 2009 should be written in letters of gold
Valiant efforts told that the heroic forces were bold;
The glorious triumph was Sri Lanka’s finest hour
When they cornered the Tiger might and power.

Visionary political and command leadership was the morale boost
As the brave soldiers inched their way to rule the roost
Nationwide celebrations brought everyone happiness and joy,
The Victory speech was enthralling that made us enjoy.

Punchi Sri Lanka proved to the world that her Head
Was committed, determined to end the carnage that bled.
Promise at the hustings manfully, dutifully, respectfully honored.
When the might of Tiger leadership was completely cornered.

A first in global history that has won name and fame
For the Leader showed that terrorism could be tamed
Wise, strong, leadership was the icing on the cake
Despite, unwarranted meddling did he shiver or shake.

The dawn of elusive victory a crowning success, our pleasure
For the battered and bullied masses it was a great treasure
Racial harmony, unity prevails; peace and tranquility smiles
As the unique leadership totally vanquished the Tiger guiles

LTTE seizure of Mavil Aru, the beginning of their end,
Drunk with revenge cared not what did the future portend
But Marvil Aru, Thoppigala, Mullaitivu, Kilinochchi fell and crumbled
For the elusive, coward Tiger Supremo to shiver and tremble.

Manfully the force bearded the Lion in his own den,
Fought with might and main, tooth and mail as patriotic men
Out of bounds Tiger bastions started to shake and fall
Fell like nine pins for the forces answered the Leader’s call.

Boys from the villages played their role to perfection
And welcomed all the civilians to give them protection.
In spite of hardship and severe odds they stood tall
To win the adoration and admiration of one and all

Despite Tiger leader between the devil and the deep blue sea
Expecting some outside help after many a secret plea.
Sought his way out to escape the noose and was fleeing,
But the dexterity of the troops did the needful, he was reeling.

Nandikadal Lagoon, his Waterloo, came to the fore
Joys of the people know no bounds for the deadly blow.
Their battlefield performance was extremely excellent
Under the command of both leadership that was brilliant.

When the masses savor the delights of the valiant victory,
The outside world is busy to concoct many a silly story,
All out to shame and rob Sri Lanka’s march to glory,
But the leader’s pure intentions give him no worry.

Fragrance of sweet victory not faded; still in the air
Brightly shines; smiling in the weather, foul and fair.
Optimism in abundance for all in every quarter,
As peace reigns supreme for every son and daughter.

Let’s pray for unity, prosperity and enmity, hatred to cease,
As the Lion flag is fluttering in an environment of Peace.
Let’s hold aloft the National Flag with pride and unity.
As the races have blended together in concord and amity.

Let’s remember the gallant forces, living and dead
For their heroic roles to free the country that once bled.
Let’s pay obeisance to the Leader for the Victory grand
And reap the benefits from the Mahinda Chinthana brand .
M Azhar Dawood