A total of 264 players from 26 countries including Sri Lanka have confirmed to participate in the Yonex Sunrise Sri Lanka International Badminton Challenge to be held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium in Colombo from 2 to 6 June.

Some of these players will be of world ranking and should perform well to provide the thrills to the spectators. This will also be a good test on the local players, some of whom are pampered with lots of finances without any assurance of any returns.

Yonex Sunrise is the main sponsor of this event and this will enable the Sri Lanka Badminton Association (SLBA) to offer prize monies amounting to US$ 15000.

The countries that will participate in this event are; Australia, India, Malaysia, France, Indonesia, Russia, Mongolia, Czechoslovakia, Vietnam, South Africa, Thailand, Iran, Switzerland, Italy, Ukraine, Philippines, Bulgaria, Israel, Pakistan, Chinese Taipei, The Maldives, Slovakia, Uganda and Sri Lanka.
The events to be worked out are:- men’s singles and doubles women’s singles and doubles and mixed doubles.

Match time table and draw could be obtained from the Sri Lanka Badminton website.