This new update is part of Microsoft’s attempt to upgrade to a more accentuated Office 365-esque infrastructure. Not to fear though, users will be able to get these new features within a few weeks via an opt-in program, although no details are out on exactly when all users can get the new and improved app.

What good is an update if you don’t know what the new features are right? Well, as of now we know a few features such as an all new Clutter feature that sorts all your messages into a separate folder, thus enabling a greater focus on the matter at hand. So the more time you spend with, the more refined it gets at narrowing and filtering incoming mail.

Features such as Search and Suggestions have also been carried out where Suggestions prioritize the people you communicate with and the content in your mailbox when searching for content and Refiners let you manipulate your search results based on criteria such as sender, folder, date received and attachments.

Overall, quite a hefty update. One that will win over the hearts of diehard users the world over no doubt.