Softlogic Finance PLC opened its newest branch in Hatton recently, expanding the company’s branch network to 32 locations, including 21 branches and 11 standalone gold loan centres.

This is the third branch opened by the company within the year, with branches being opened earlier at Senkadagala and Pamankada.

The fully-fledged branch located conveniently at No. 107, Main Street, Hatton will offer the full range of services including Leasing and Hire Purchase, Fixed Deposits and Savings, Personal Loans, Business Loans, Gold Loans and Working Capital Loans. It will be open for business during week days from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

“While Softlogic Finance will continue to expand its presence to new locations, the company will also continuously focus on further enhancing its service standards to existing clients to offer an excellent customer service and adhere to best industry practises,” Softlogic Finance PLC Deputy Chairman, Harris Premaratne said. “This is part of our strategy to develop an island-wide footprint, in line with Softlogic Finance’s vision of becoming the preferred non-banking financial institution in Sri Lanka.”