Minister Samaraweera speaking with a recipient | (Pic by Chandana Wejesinghe)

The families of deceased migrant workers in the Middle East and Malaysia were given compensation and other redress at a function held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs last week. Rs.50 million which has been secured in the Sri Lankan missions in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Jordan distributed among thirty-three families.

The Ministry with the assistance of relevant missions abroad had handed out nearly Rs.195 million as compensation, salary dues and other redress among 180 families last year. The Ministry has also released Rs.63 million among another 58 families as compensation early this year.

Minister Mangala Samaraweera who participated at the function said that most of these funds were received after litigations filed in the relevant courts. “In case of harassments and injuries, the missions had obtained relevant payments from the sponsors directly.” Minister Samaraweera added. Officials, who participated the function highlighted that the beneficiaries were mostly from the rural areas of the country and engaged in unskilled works in aboard.