It is a total misconception to allow rice prices to remain high

As the governments decide the fate of a Nation and that the governments are combinations of politicians it is the politicians who would ultimately make the difference. The way things happen now, our future as a ‘nation’ looks very scary as all the ‘politicians’, with the exception of a very few, are interested more in proving their personalities than in trying to do what is best for the people. Although, the first politicians of Sri Lankan Democratic were people with above average education, the absence of true commitment and dedication among the ‘Leading Politicians’ evolved into a cut-throat competition that ended up in a rat race that resulted in what we witness now.

Deterioration of living conditions
The people of Sri Lanka never tasted the success of a strong currency and therefore, it was a steady deterioration of actual living standards. Financial and Economic Experts use bombastic expressions to show some growth in our economy although the true and real income situation has deteriorated. Today, the Sri Lanka Society lives reckless life as what the people spend now is yet to be earned. Imagine this applied to the society which has almost 75% as inadequately earning. It is the failure of the economy and economy in turn is the result of the inputs from the ‘Governments’ and that means from the ‘Politicians’.

Although the ‘Politicians’ are supposed to be smarter than ‘Bureaucrats’ they have proved to be thoroughly unproductive. As a result, the whole has become a Grand Show only and always blaming who are not in the Government for the misfortunes of the nation.

The guaranteed prices and the market economies are two contradictory aspirations and all the governments, including what we have now, resorted to the same, right from the beginning, we have had systems that promoted more towards the inevitable ‘inflation’ than to real and meaningful development.

Sri Lanka is in a real crisis. Therefore, the best way out is a National Government so that all the few good politicians can do something more meaningful to the nation, at least now

The policies and practices that have been applicable to land show how foolishly we go forward. The increasing population has started eating into the ‘land availability’ while some politicians give promises and make plans to develop the economy in plantations and farming, industries and infra-structure development.

Ultimately, the required money is scraped from the people by way of invisible taxes.

Failure to understand priorities
It is a malady that can be found even with the sensible few politicians.

This nation needs answers to the long overdue solutions for the people who suffered in the North and East. Therefore, it is a priority need to bring people together and commit resources logically to bring about development in those regions. Although all the Tamil people know that they have at least peace now but they cannot forget those painful memories of their departed ones. It is the same pain for the innocent villagers whose sons and daughters gave their lives to bring about the peace we all enjoy now. But, what do our politicians do? While Tamil politicians talk about sufferings, the Singhalese politicians talk about the sacrifices made. Both are correct in their grievances but the issue is how we make such things do not happen in the future.

Those who matter in economic development try to find solutions through the same old traditional methods where as the common people cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel. Even the rice that was produced within Sri Lanka cannot reach markets while rice prices have not come down.

Contradictory policies
It is a total misconception that by allowing rice prices to remain high. What is the percentage of rice farmers in Sri Lanka? What such policies do is nothing but ‘consolidating’ the existing prices. By giving increases in salaries how many will be benefited? How many are there in the State Sector and how many are in the Private sector? The larger numbers are in the open where they have to look for their own salvation. What do the politicians do? They are busy trying to regain what they lost or to safeguard what they have got.

In the meantime, there is a steady effort to weaken those who have been kicked out of power. And the deprived are desperately trying to gain power. Trying to bring back Mahinda Rajapaksa or not is not what the people want. Now the pathetically desperate attempts by the supporters of Mahinda Rajapaksa have started becoming a repelling trend in Sri Lankan politics now. Coming out of the shock he suffered with the rejection by the people due to his own mistakes and over confidence, is looking for incidents to capitalize.
It is very clear that he has not recovered from his overconfidence. So, he goes back to the old strategy in trying to achieve a decision from among the Singhalese voters themselves. He cannot understand the simple truth that he has started failing even in strategies.

Sri Lanka is in a real crisis. Therefore, the best way out is a National Government so that all the few good politicians can do something more meaningful to the nation, at least now. They have been time serving while the goons had their way.

Good governance will start with sensible thinking by politicians who would give their targets to professionals to plan.