Just think of the years that have passed, the months that have already gone and the days that you have spent in your life! When you ponder about the time passed, you may realize that you have missed out on certain work and goals.

Don’t you determine to spend every second in a meaningful way? As students you may have a bundle of targets during this period. Most of you may determine to study well than before. But determination alone won’ t help you to achieve your targets.

Because, your determination must always be accompanied by courage, self- motivation and dedication.

How would you dedicate yourself to achieve success in life? You may have your own ways. But how many of you plan your work in life?

Planning will make your life convenient in numerous ways. Just think of this for a while! If we had planned the work to be done in the past year, we would have been able to be happy at the end of the year at our achievements. Failure to plan will bring a lot of losses in your life too.

Some students complain that time is insufficient for them to complete their day’s work. It’s because most of them have failed to manage their day well. But the one who plans the day can save time too. As students, if you also work according to a time table, the benefits that you may gain will be immense.

In your time table, allocate your time in a balanced way. Remember to allocate your time not only to study, but also allocate your spare time to help others, to do any leisure activity and to play.

It is better if you can commence your daily work early dawn. You will neither be tired nor be exhausted, but you will feel fresh to begin your work with a fresh breath and in a cheerful spirit.

The morning is the best time during the day to do our work. Start doing your studies early in the morning before going to school.

Make it a practice! Hope you will gain uncountable benefits. It is believed that an early riser gains a lot of benefits. Go through the lessons and get ready for the lessons each morning. Don’t postpone your work for any reason. Finish everything everyday without delay.

At the end of the day before going to bed recall the things you did during the day. You will be glad at what you could do. So, to make every day of your life more useful, meaningful and happier, make it a habit to plan.

During your spare time focus your attention to do something that helps to relax your mind such as engaging in some creative activity, listening to music, talking to people, helping others, meditation etc. Even without your consciousness, they will help you to maintain your mental well-being. So, having a good mentality will help you to do your studies well while boosting your mind and memory. Creative activities will also help you to identify your inherent talents and develop them.

Always try to be yourself. Don’t imitate what others do. Do what you are interested in and according to your passions. So, balance your life and remember to give priority to the things that you should be given the greatest importance.

Don’t let yourselves to repent and regret on what you couldn’t do and achieve. Drag yourself to the right path. Good Luck!